Sunday, December 9, 2007

Damodar Song


O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! In ropes You are wound,
Yet ropes do not bind You, By love You are bound!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! In ropes You are bound,
Child Prince of Braja You shall be crowned!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Your mother in silk
While You were-a-napping Was churning the milk

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! With necklace of pearls
Your sweet lotus face Encircled by curls

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Cheeks bimba-fruit red
With bright peacock feathers Adorning Your head

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! On You the world rests
Yet You rest on Yashoda And suckle her breasts!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! She left You alone-
The butter crock cracked, Struck by Your stone!


O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! You threw the rock
Your lips pressed in anger As You broke the crock!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! How swiftly You fled
The butter and yogurt To monkeys You fed!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! You ran off in fear
Chased by Your mother, Whose stick was quite near!


O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! You ran in alarm Yashoda’s stick scared You – she ment You no harm

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! With eyes full of tears
Your lotus face darkened With eye-ointment smears.

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Lord of Gokul
Bound by Your mother, To a grinding tool


O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! With such childlike ease
You broke into splinters The twin arjun trees

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! You set them free
Cursed sons of Kuvera, to live in a tree

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Bound up in rope
Let me recall You, That is my hope

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! How I long to see
You feeding the monkeys While they dance in glee!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Please hear my prayer!
By mercy You freed The two sons of Kuvera

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Please smile upon me!
Grant me Your mercy, So I may be free!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! By Your childlike charm
You capture all hearts In this eternal form!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Please hear my praise!
You showed Your pastimes, The world to amaze!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! The world rests on You
Yet You are beyond it And known by so few

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Your childhood play
Is sweeter than nectar- I’ll drink it each day!

O Dāmodara Kṛṣṇa! Please grant me a boon-
May I always remember To sing You this tune!


This version was penned by HH Umāpati Swāmī and first sung at New Vṛndāban (West Virginia, USA) during Kartik month, 1988.


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